Jack’s Rugby League Career part two

The following two seasons were nothing less than momentous for Jack, as he and Billy Batten formed a lethal wing/centre partnership capable of cutting even the tightest of defences apart.

In the 1913/14 season the number one goal was finally achieved, as the Airlie Birds took on Wakefield Trinity in the Challenge Cup Final at Thrum Hall, Halifax.

After 70 minutes of battle, with no quarter asked, or given, the match was still scoreless, then in the final ten minutes Hull struck twice, with devastating precision, the second try coming from Jack, to hand Hull a 6-0 victory.

At last the Challenge Cup was coming back to Hull, and once again Jack was a hero to thousands.

A few months later, on 1st September 1914, Jack married his childhood sweetheart Lilian Ellis, and married life obviously suited him very well as he then embarked on a record breaking 1914/15 season.

In that season Jack scored an outstanding 52 tries, it is a club record that still stands now in 2017, he also set a club record of scoring in 11 consecutive games, which was equaled by Richard Horne in 2006, but which has never been bettered yet.

On 29th June 1915, Lilian gave birth to their only child, also named John, but known as Jackie, however at the time Europe was being ravaged by war, and despite being in a reserved occupation as a teacher, Jack decided his place was at the front-line, fighting for King and Country.

 Jackie Harrison birth certificate kindly supplied by Paul Dunham

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